Plan and Draft Your Story

This is the time to plan and draft your story.”

What is Plan and Draft Your Story?

Good writers spend a considerable amount of time planning their stories. You should too. Planning involves brainstorming and deciding what you would  include in your story. Drafting, in our opinion, is simply an excuse not to write the perfect story the first time:)

We hshutterstock_189368036ave given you sufficient tools from Day 1 to Day 10 to plan and draft your story.”


How do I Plan and Draft My Story?

Here are the steps you could follow to plan your writing.

1. Read the assignment given under the Writers’ Challenge.
a. Check what the topic is about.
b. Decide on the picture/s which you’re going to use.
c. Add words to the picture to create a powerful image which you could use in
your writing.

2. Decide on your point of view.

2. Work on Plot.
a. Create your one liner plot first.
b. Build your ideas for plot by centering it on an interesting problem or

3. Draft your Story
a. Decide how to begin your story and write it.
b. Work on your body paragraphs.
c. End your story.
d. As you are doing a-c, make sure you expand your sentences in different ways and vary sentence beginnings.

4. Send your Draft

You can use pen and paper to write your draft and then type in that draft onto the Comments box and clicking the Post button OR

You can work on a MS Word document on your computer to write your draft and send the draft to us at

shutterstock_155495768Excited to know that your draft will be in soon! Have fun writing!”