Free Write Your Way on Friday!

What’s Free Writing?
Free write my way on Friday. Oh, yes! I cannot help but put my voice in here even for a few seconds.

Free writing is a simple and easy process. Basically, you just write the way you want to, in your case, about the 3 pictures on the Writers’ Challenge.”


Why Free Write?
Free writing enables you to discover other writing techniques which you probably might have not. Most importantly,

it makes you comfortable about yourself as a writer.Imagine this. No one’s telling you about how to write what you’re going to write about. Remember, stop critiquing yourself.”

Just free-write!


How to Free Write?

  • Use whatever you are comfortable with to begin writing e.g. pen, paper, computer and so on.
  • Write non-stop for about ten to twenty minutes.
  • Write whatever you’re thinking about about what you have to write.
  • Keep on writing even if you do not know what to write.
  • Do not correct your writing as you write.
  • Do not censor what you will write.
  • If you want to add new ideas while you’re writing, write them down somewhere but do not erase or delete the old ones.

At this point in time, some of you might be saying. Gosh, are you sure we can do this? Oh, yes. This is the time you can write what you want how you want it for a short period of time.


A Shot at Free-Writing

Oh gosh, dr nora’s just told me that i’m supposed to free write okay let’s just try…the well’s always been a pain for derek who does not know what to do with it. It has been there for ages juts like an old elephant oh no i mean a white elephant everyone’s been saying about how magical the well is..”really im really not sure about what derek’s always been thinking” derek’s never known. his father had passed on without giving him any clue about what the well could do..derek waled towards the well and dropped a dollar coin into in…singapore dollar coin? i would think so you know..let’s see how i can make this well in a singapore setting more realistic…

This is about 3 minutes of free writing. Yours should be about ten to twenty minutes.


It’s Your Turn Now to Free-Write!”

Write about one or more of these pictures.

Remember, free write your way on Friday.”

When you’ve finished, type what you’ve written onto the Comments box below and click Post.

We are waiting for your postings!