End a Story in 2 Ways

Are we ending the story? We’ve barely started.”


Good writers think ahead of their possible endings even before they start writing their beginnings. When you have thought of a good possible ending, you can use any of the 2 ways to end your story.


What are the 2 Ways to End a Story?

The ending to a story is as good as its beginning. Well, out of the many ways you could end a story, here’s 2 of them.

  • Using Feelings
  • Using an Interrogative Sentence


Why End a Story Using the 2 Ways?

Using Feelings

When you end your story using feelings, readers will understand how your characters are affected emotionally.”

This will give clues to what your characters might do next.

Some Feeling Words:

  • angry
  • confused
  • delighted
  • embarrassed
  • excited
  • exhilarated
  • proud
  • shocked
  • shy
  • strange
  • troubled
  • worried

Using an Interrogative Sentence

When you end your story with an interrogative sentence, your readers will question what might happen next.”

Interrogative Words/Phrases

  • who
  • when
  • what
  • why
  • which
  • whose
  • how
  • am
  • is
  • are
  • was
  • were
  • do
  • did
  • have
  • can
  • could
  • will
  • would
  • should
  • which one
  • how much
  • how many
  • why did


How to End a Story in 2 Ways?

Using Feelings

Here’s an example:

Lisa had made the biggest mistake in her life. She was a cheat. There was nothing much she could do to make the situation better. Her parents walked out of the school office with her test papers. Embarrassed, Lisa hung her head down low and apologized to her parents, teacher and principal.

Using an Interrogative Sentence

Anne put down her pen and wrote ‘The End’ at the end of the sheet. She had put in so many hours to prepare for the paper. The clock struck three and every student put their pens down. Would she ever get good grades?


It’s Your Turn Now to End Your Story Using 1 of the 2 Ways!

shutterstock_127369343Okay, yes, yes…. It might be a bore to look at the same pictures again from the Writers’ Challenge. But you know what, you would have known by now that 3 pictures can create so many different stories with possible beginnings and endings.

Write an ending to your story using any one of the two ways. Type what you’ve written onto the Comments box and click Post.

We’re excited to see you post! Keep the posts coming!”