Add Words to a Picture to Create Powerful Images

You might have heard of this phrase: A picture paints a thousand words. If you haven’t, the phrase simply means that a picture can describe something as much as words can or even more. Some pictures can definitely paint a thousand words but others might not be able to do so. For these other pictures, adding words might help bring them to life.


Why add words to a picture?

When you add words to a picture, you can create powerful images which can be used to tell a story.”


How do you add words to a picture? What kind of words do you add? What kind of powerful images can you create by adding the words to the picture?

Let’s see how this works by using a familiar picture.

  1. Look at the picture. It shows an ‘angry man’.
  2. Let’s extend the picture. Add an adjective and a noun to the ‘angry man’. Let’s add a ‘sharp knife’.

Now, we have: an angry man + a sharp knife

What’s a possible image you see?

A murder.


  1. Let’s extend the same picture to create a different image. This time, we use a different adjective and noun. Let’s add a ‘tearful wife’ to the ‘angry man’.

Now you have: an angry man + a tearful wife

What’s a possible image you see?

A domestic fight.

4. Repeat the above.

An angry man + a careless bus driver

Image: A narrow escape from an accident

5. An angry man + a psychiatric ward

Image: A mentally ill patient who has left the ward without being noticed by the caretakers


It’s your turn to add words to a picture to create powerful images.”


Look at this picture again. Let’s use a ‘ten-year old boy’ to describe this picture, and add words (adjective and noun) to extend it to create a powerful image. Create as many different images as possible.1

1. ten-year old boy + ____________________

Image: ________________________

2. ten-year old boy + ____________________

Image: ________________________

3. ten-year old boy + ____________________

Image: ________________________

4. ten-year old boy + ____________________

Image: ________________________

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With your work done, check this out: the song ‘If’ whose lyrics begin with ‘If a picture paints a thousand words…”. Enjoy!