4 Ways to Begin a Story

What are the 4 Ways to Begin a Story and Why?
You can begin a story in 4 ways using:

An interrogative question
A prepositional phrase”


  • is what a character says or is thinking about
  • can be serious, humorous or inspiring
  • can make readers interested in a story


Onomatopoetic words:

  • imitate the sounds objects make
  • are used to begin a story to capture readers’ attention
  • can be used throughout a story to help readers picture what is going on


An Interrogative Question
An interrogative question:

  • can make readers curious about what will happen next in a story


A Prepositional Phrase
A prepositional phrase:

  • can be used to describe setting (where and where a story takes place) at the beginning of a story
  • helps readers get an idea of the environment and the mood of the story


How to Begin a Story in 4 Ways?

“What are you going to do, little twit?
Tell your mummy?” Ray challenged the skinny boy whose face had turned pale. Ray Lam was the biggest bully in Capetown School. Standing at a height of more than one a half metres tall, Ray towered over all the boys of his age.

The little alarm clock startled ten-year old Jonas. Shocked, he swung his hand towards the clock. Crash! The little clock was a clock no more. It fell into pieces onto the hard floor. Jonas looked at the mess he had made.

“Oh, no! My mum must not know,” Jonas muttered under his breath.

Without wasting any minute, Jonas picked up bits and pieces of the clock he received as a present for his birthday.

An Interrogative Question
What is that burly man up to?
Kathy crept quietly behind the wall to hide herself. She had not seen him before in her neighbourhood. The man looked around as if he knew Kathy was watching his every move. Kathy pulled her body back. She would not want to be spotted.

A Prepositional Phrase
In the weird-shaped cave by the sea,
little crawlies could be seen moving quickly up and down the rough walls. Against one of the walls, Jimmy stood tall. He had just discovered bags and bags of little gold coins at one corner of the cave.


It’s Your Turn to Begin a Story in 4 Ways!

Use one or more of the pictures for your story. (It does not include the picture of the woman writing yeah!)

shutterstock_127511033Write 4 different openings to your story. If 4 is too much, write one. 🙂 What matters most to us is that you’ll pick up that pen and paper and start writing.

When you’re done with your openings, type them in the ‘Comments’ box and click ‘Post’.

Waiting for your story openings, fellow writers!”