Welcome on Board, Young Writer!

It’s good to have you here! We’ve heard the few reasons why:

“I don’t have a choice. Someone signed my name up and here I am.” (If this is you, go thank that someone now!)

“My fingers can’t wait to put pen to paper.”

“Can’t think of anything better to while away my time.”

“Writing well for the PSLE matters to me.”

You’ll let us know more, won’t you? (Write them by replying to this post! Click the ‘Leave a Reply’ button. Type in your comments, email and full name. Click the ‘Post Comment’ button.)

Whatever your reasons are, we Learning-Guru PSLE Writers will give you the encouragement, support and feedback you need to write that creative piece of composition.people

You’ll work with us day by day to: plan, draft, edit and publish your writing.”

Each day, you will be given a few activities to do.

  • You will be assigned the daily activities at 10 am.
  • Look under the different days and you’ll find the activities to do.
  • Look under the Home page, and you’ll find the quick posts to read, polls and surveys to take part in.

We trust you will do the daily activities well.

Let’s begin! Read the Writer’s Challenge. Then, go to Day 1.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. We’ll reply to you soonest we can!

Learning Guru PSLE Writers

Learning Guru